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I'm having trouble importing my .csv file into rails (3.2.6). This is my first experience with csv phrasing, I'm a newbie in general. I used Devise to generate the User model, dont know if that has anything to do with this issue. I'm just creating a simple rake task in tasks/import.rake

require 'csv'

desc "Import data from csv file"
task :import => :environment do

CSV.foreach(Rails.root.join('db', 'data.csv'), :headers => true) do |row|

    attrs = {
     :first_name             => row[0],
     :last_name              => row[1],
     :email                  => row[2],
     :street_address         => row[3],
     :city                   => row[4],
     :state                  => row[5],
     :zip                    => row[6],

    user = User.new(attrs)

    if user.save
      puts "Saved user #{attrs.inspect}"
      puts "Unable to save user #{attrs.inspect}"

I run$: rake import

And i get:

Unable to save user {:first_name=>"jane", :last_name=>"joe", :email=>"557@djh.com", street_address=>"38776 main", :city=>"los angeles", :state=>"ca", :zip=>"90887"}
Unable to save user {:first_name=>"bob", :last_name=>"billy", :email=>"7663@top.com",:street_address=>"5958 left", :city=>"los angeles", :state=>"ca", :zip=>"98768"}
Unable to save user {:first_name=>"jill", :last_name=>"jilly", :email=>"5857@joc.com", street_address=>"85755 second", :city=>"culver city", :state=>"ca", :zip=>"90332"}

Not sure if theres something obvious I'm missing here. It seems pretty straight forward. Thanks for your help!

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just print user.errors or user.errors.messages instead of that message. –  retro Aug 15 '12 at 12:27
Did you solved it with this? –  retro Aug 15 '12 at 12:53
@retro, you should submit that as an answer so I can vote it up. –  Grant Birchmeier Aug 15 '12 at 16:13
yha thanks retro, this absolutely helped. i found out that "password" could not be blank for the users to be saved. thanks man! –  jeremy collyer Aug 16 '12 at 0:17
done Jeremy.... –  retro Aug 23 '12 at 1:28

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Just print user.errors or user.errors.messages instead of that message. You'll see why your model can't be save.

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