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How can I display IP Address from the packets.

I am able to display ports and protocols but not the IP addresses from a pcap file.

I am using jnetpcap. Any help ?

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The jnetpcap team states "Although these are native C library tutorials, you will find that the procedures and sequences of calls are nearly identical. If you know the C and java languages, you shouldn't have much trouble translating these tutorials to java and jNetPcap API." That being said, take a look at this very in-depth tutorial the jnetpcap team recommends on their website.

Take a look near the end, under The actual sniffing, the tutorial lays out the packet contents in memory and tells you exactly where to look to find the IP header.

Other solutions:

If you're able to get a pcap file, you should be able to use the native DatagramPacket class for your needs. DatagramPacket has a method called getSocketAddress() that will get you the IP address and the port number.

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It works now Thank you :) –  Aj. Aug 15 '12 at 17:53
@AJ: Not a problem, please accept my answer if you found it most helpful. If you're having trouble: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5234/… –  CODe Aug 15 '12 at 22:52

wireshark is able to display (and capture) the data. I will look into jnetpcap.

Edit: I have looked up the tutorial (http://jnetpcap.com/tutorial/usage). See the lines 72 (creating the return object) and 108-112 (filling and reading the return object).

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PcapPacketHandler<String> jpacketHandler = new PcapPacketHandler<String>() {  

        final Tcp tcp=new Tcp();

    final Ip4 ip = new Ip4(); 

                public void nextPacket(PcapPacket packet, String user) {  

                    final Tcp tcp=new Tcp();

                        System.out.printf("Received packet at %s caplen=%-4d len=%-4d %s %s\n",  
                        new Date(packet.getCaptureHeader().timestampInMillis()),   
                        packet.getCaptureHeader().caplen(),  // Length actually captured  
                        packet.getCaptureHeader().wirelen(), // Original length   
                        user,FormatUtils.ip(ip.source())                              // User supplied object  
                        //JBuffer buffer = packet;
                        //int size=packet.size();
                        byte[] arr=packet.getByteArray(0, packet.size());


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