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Not sure how to approach this one.. I need to take a ton of temperature data.. and average them at biweekly intervals.. I've played with pivotchart and can only return weekly avg's..


SITE  Date  Temperature_C
JON   6/4/2001 28
JON   6/4/2001 29
JON   6/4/2001 26
JON   6/5/2001 24
JON   6/5/2001 27


I could create a query that breaks all the dates into a specific ID.. like 1-100 with each value representing a 2 week avg from 6/4/2001 - whatever 200 weeks later is. Then work with Pivot chart that way.. Of course I would have to AVG an vast number of dates (many with different amounts of recorded values.. somes days there are 4 records.. some there are 40). Any code I could use to search a continuous series based on a date.. Datesub()? I'm at a loss.

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What DBMS are you using? – João Silva Aug 15 '12 at 12:38

The idea is to take the number of days since some start date and divide by 14. Here is an example using SQL Server syntax:

select datediff(day, cast('2012-01-01' as date), [date])/14 as weeknumber,
       min([date]) as weekstart,
       max([date]) as weekend,
       avg(Temperature_C*1.0) as avg_temp
from TempData
group by datediff(day, cast('2012-01-01' as date), [date])/14 
order by 1

In other databases, the logic would be similar, but the specific functions would differ.

By the way, 1/1/2012 was a Sunday, so this would have the week being Sunday - Saturday (which is typically reasonable).

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