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I was used to hyperlink to a jar file on my server, which then was downloaded and opened without requiring further user-side actions.

<a href="demo.jar">Run Demo</a>.

With Firefox (current version 14) I can only store it and run it manually. I have tried to set the JDK for the jar filetype via Firefox -> Preferences- -> Contents -> Runnable Jar, but then javaw.exe demo.jar is invoked. Obviously it should be javaw.exe -jar demo.jar but I have found no option to set this argument.

How can I run the jar file directly by clicking on the hyperlink?

Edit: I have 50+ such jar files, using WebStart is not an option.

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Another option is to create a shortcut (.lnk) to the jar. The shortcut's file path can then be a added as a hyperlink. This way you can also specify additional arguments (parameter) to the Java application by modifying the target field of the shortcut properties. See the following example settings in the shortcut properties.

Target: C:\WINDOWS\system32\javaw.exe -Xmx900m -jar demo.jar

Start in: W:\DemoFolder

The only catch is that some Windows 7 (IE9) users are not able to launch the application using the hyperlink and so prefer to use the shortcut. I have just started investigating the issue. But perhaps someboody else already knows what the issue could be.

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make another exefile (Suppose ABC.exe) from a bat file (Tools readily available), and let it be middle man, which invokes

java -jar %1

Instead of javaw.exe set it as ABC.exe.

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Thanks. Would work, but too complex for other users – sina72 Aug 15 '12 at 13:26

Why not consider making you application use Java Web Start to run instead?

It might be a bit more work but if you are going to start from the web. imo it feels like a more correct solution.

Here is some initial read that might be helpful:

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Thanks. Requires webserver configuration and too much work (I have 50+ such jar files and simply want to drop them to the server folder) – sina72 Aug 15 '12 at 13:29
Then it definately sounds like a bit too much work. – trappski Aug 15 '12 at 13:46
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I found a working solution myself. Windows only, but there might be a similar solution under other OS.

Under Windows, just set the set explorer.exe for the jar filetype via Firefox -> Preferences -> Contents -> Runnable Jar. Jar files will then be directly started when clicking on their hyperlink.

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I am leaving this answer open for another day, maybe someone finds an OS-independent solution. But for me, this is solved. – sina72 Aug 17 '12 at 6:40

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