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I am wondering what's the difference between function and class. Both using the keyword function, is there obvious distinction between those two?

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There is technically no class, they're both just functions. Any function can be invoked as a constructor with the keyword new and the prototype property of that function is used for the object to inherit methods from.

"Class" is only used conceptually to describe the above practice.

So when someone says to you "make a color class" or whatever, you would do:

function Color(r, g, b) {
    this.r = r;
    this.g = g;
    this.b = b;

Color.prototype.method1 = function() {


Color.prototype.method2 = function() {


When you break it down, there is simply a function and some assignments to a property called prototype of that function, all generic javascript syntax, nothing fancy going on.

It all becomes slightly magical when you say var black = new Color(0,0,0). You would then get an object with properties .r, .g and .b. That object will also have a hidden [[prototype]] link to Color.prototype. Which means you can say black.method1() even though .method1() does not exist in the black object.

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In javascript, there are no classes. javascript uses prototype inheritance rather than class based inheritance. Many people will refer to classes in javascript because it is easier to understand, but it is purely an analogy.

In class based inheritance, you create a class (a "blueprint", if you will) and then instantiate objects from that class.

In prototype inheritance, an object is instantiated directly from another parent object, without ever needing any "blueprints".

See the wikipedia page for more information on Class vs Prototype inheritance.

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The term class is usually used in an object-oriented programming language context. A class is a template of the object that will be created at instantiation. JavaScript is a prototype-based programming language, therefore it's a little strange to use the term class to describe a JavaScript prototype. In JavaScript prototypes are created as functions

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