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I have a complex workflow where I want to create rows in several tables in one transaction. One of the operations is to create a new UserAuth (from ServiceStack Authentication feature).

I assume that all the database operations in a transaction should operate on the same connection, and if that is true, then I think it may be a problem to call UserAuthRepository.CreateUserAuth inside a transaction because it looks as if it uses its own connection.

So my question is whether if the creation of a UserAuth will be part of the transaction or not when I have code like shown below. And if not, then how to go about creating new users as part of an transaction?

  using (var db = Db.OpenDbConnection()) {
    using (var trans = db.OpenTransaction()) {

      ... do some databae operations via. db ...

      var userAuth = UserAuthRepository.CreateUserAuth(
        new UserAuth{UserName = "blabla"}, 

      ... do some more databae operations via. db ...

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Internally whenever ServiceStack requires accessing a database, e.g in the OrmLiteUserAuthRepository.CreateUserAuth it asks for and uses a new connection and immediately disposes of it once it's done.

There is currently no way to make it apart of a custom transaction.

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