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I need to check a Windows Server (many of them a day) and just verify that Unused NIC's are disabled. This is just one of many checks I'm doing.

I'm trying to figure out how I can do this and this is my following code. It gives me an error with objNetwork.PhysicalAdapter saying

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'objNetwork.PhysicalAdapter'

Sub CheckUnusedNICs()
   WScript.Echo("Check for unused NICs")
   Set colNetwork = objWMISrvc.ExecQuery("SELECT * from Win32_NetworkAdapter")
   For each objNetwork in colNetwork
      WScript.Echo objNetwork.AdapterTypeID & vbCrLf
      WScript.Echo objNetwork.PhysicalAdapter
     'If (objNetwork.AdapterTypeID = 0 AND objNetwork.PhysicalAdapter = True) Then
    '    WScript.Echo("Placeholder")
     ' End If
End Sub

I'm by no means proficient in VBScript but I'm learning it as I go.

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The WMI Win32_NetworkAdapter class doesn't have a PhysicalAdapter property.

Use NetConnectionStatus and ConfigManagerErrorCode properties instead.

A device would be:

  • Enabled and connected if:
    NetConnectionStatus = 2

  • Enabled and no cable is plugged in if:
    NetConnectionStatus = 7

  • Disconnected due to disabled device if:
    (NetConnectionStatus = 0) and (ConfigManagerErrorCode = 22)

More details about Win32_NetworkAdapter class including the full list of the above codes can be found at:

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Thank you. I didn't see that "PhysicalAdapter" property was deprecated. –  envinyater Aug 15 '12 at 19:08
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