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I've been trying to understand how to deploy Opa apps on dotcloud. The default app works, but the wiki example from the Opa docs fails to launch with:

==> /var/log/supervisor/opa.log <==
[Opa] _no_name DbGen/Mongo/SynchroStart Db is ready
[Opa] _no_name DbGen/Mongo/SynchroStart Process 0 operations on the db wait list, start
[Opa] _no_name DbGen/Mongo/SynchroStart Process 0 operations on the db wait list, finished
[Opa] Server dispatch Decoded URL to /
[Opa] DbGen/Mongo (failure) Read from wiki set doesn't returns anything
File "stdlib/database/mongo/db.opa", line 776, characters 6-32, (776:6-776:32 | 28076-28102)
fail: undefinedDbSet build error
Error : uncaught OPA exn { 'size`': 2,
fail: 'DbSet build error',
position: 'File "stdlib/database/mongo/db.opa", line 776, characters 6-32, (776:6-776:32 | 28076-28102)' }

Is this something I have improperly set up or a bug in dotcloud's system?

my .yml:

type: custom
buildscript: builder
process: ~/run
    www: http

    type: mongodb

This image shows what the monogdb looks like locally. http://imgur.com/LJ1RY

UPDATE: I found out mongodb had a separate log. I found this:

auth: couldn't find user root, _no_name.system.users

which seems to point to the fact authentication isn't working.(aka, running the opa program local but pointing to remote mongodb gives same error.) Any ideas why it has this issue?

UPDATE2: Was chasing my tail around the past few days because I didn't quite understand what Cédrics was talking about. Here's what I replaced the database lines in the example with to get working:

database admin {
stringmap(string) /wiki;
/wiki[_] = "This page is empty. Double-click to edit.";

The problem was I was changing the path, not the db name:

ex: database int /admin/wiki 

and not

ex. database admin {int /wiki;}

I'm curious if there's a way to use any other named database besides admin through opa, but at least this gets me running.

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I pushed a working dotcloud conf here: https://github.com/cedricss/opa-on-dotcloud.git

Are you sure mongodb is running? Did you add the following lines in your dotcloud.yml file?

    type: mongodb

More information about Opa on dotcloud here: https://github.com/dotcloud/opa-on-dotcloud

update: indeed something is broken now. Two updates can be done in the conf example above:

  • builder should be updated to use Opa 1.0.5 to have all mongodb related fix: BINURL="http://download.opalang.org/linux/opa_1.0.5%2Bbuild2988_amd64.release.run"

  • opa 1.0.5 needs node 0.6.x at least, dotcloud.yml have to be completed like explained here: http://docs.dotcloud.com/services/nodejs/#node-js-versions but I don't know why my instances keeps having node 0.4.0 installed even after creating a fresh new app. I'll have another try later.

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Yes, that's what I used as a base for my .yml. Added my yml to OP. – eyecreate Aug 15 '12 at 17:10
see update above – Cédrics Aug 15 '12 at 19:16
I had tried the newer Opa previously, but didn't know you could specify a different node.js version in the .yml. Is it possible the node_version config section only is read if the type is of nodejs? – eyecreate Aug 15 '12 at 19:48
I'm trying some builder script material from here: github.com/dotcloud/node-on-dotcloud looks promising. – eyecreate Aug 15 '12 at 20:11
seems it still has a monogdb problem with 0.6.20 got using the above builder script addition. – eyecreate Aug 15 '12 at 20:18

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