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A DQL query sample

$query = $em->createQuery('SELECT u FROM ForumUser u WHERE u.username = :name');
$query->setParameter('name', 'Bob');
$users = $query->getResult(); // array of ForumUser objects

The above example is a parametized query where name is set to Bob. As I'm trying to review code security in our project, I wanted to ask members of the doctrine community whether createQuery prepares the sql statement.

For instance, would injecting ' OR 1=1-- to the 'name' parameter alter the query being created by the entitymanager?

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One of the greatest benefits of Doctrine and using a DBAL is injection protection. It will use prepared statements to not allow injection. Trying to add that string to the parameter will not result in a changed query.

My friend wants me to correct myself by saying that the greatest benefit of Doctrine is not that it's a DBAL, but it's an ORM. This is true.

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