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Scenario :

I am working on a parser for data which is sent back from a server after making a request. The format of data is either JSON or XML.


  1. Are there any reasons to choose one of these formats over the other one?
  2. Which one is faster, parsing json or parsing xml?

Thanks all.

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You may find your answer here:… – OhhMee Aug 15 '12 at 14:48
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Checkout this tutorial about parsing XMLs. I might sound opinionated, but if there's a choice go for JSON, although I have no clue what situation your project is in. I would certainly look at the entire architecture (trade-offs and choices) of the project before making a decision. From my experience, understanding JSON and relating it to NSDictionaries and NSArrays is much easier than understanding XMLs.

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When JSON is preferred it is usually because it is significantly shorter. That saves transmission traffic and therefore time and battery power (not a bad thing, though?). Meaning: Even if parsing JSON would be slower (which I doubt), the gain during the tranfer over the air would certainly compensate any additional CPU time during parsing.

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THis is a useful post that might help you decide.

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