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I think I've found the relevant MSDN doc here: But I'm unsure how to (or if it is possible) go about accessing such functionality via pywin32.

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Try ctypes, it allows you to call arbitrary library functions easily. – Paranaix Aug 15 '12 at 15:11
QT has system tray handling (multi-platform) if you can use PyQT or PySide. You can also call the .Net API directly if using IronPython instead of cPython. – Paulo Scardine Aug 15 '12 at 15:37

You are not going to be able to show a balloon tip through that API unless you are using IronPython.

The pywin32api is just a wrapper for the win32 c/c++ libraries. So the library you would be looking for is the Shell_NotifyIcon function.

You can get at the taskbar using the win32api, but it is nontrivial. Here is an example that someone else has created to minimize a python application to the task bar.

You may also find it much easier to use something like IronPython, WxPython, PyQT, or PyGTK.

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