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I have an iPad app that creates XML files and saves them to the iPad's Documents Directory. I would like to get these files to excel, but I am fairly certain I cannot just launch excel > open > then navigate through the iPads directory.

What's the best way to get these files? Are there any windows applications that allow you to access the iPad's directories ? Or will I have to use iTunes ?

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You might want to check out "CloudOn":

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those are neat, but I am not looking to edit/open the documents on the iPad. They are just created on the device, and then opened on the computer. – BloonsTowerDefence Aug 15 '12 at 15:46

For your needs, I have the habit of going through the Beesy application: I can import/export such a file in my iPad and if I need to make changes, I can make notes in the margins of the doc to complete thereafter.

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