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Is there any generic name for defining a step in Cucumber?

For example, instead using the words Given, When, Then:

Given /^I visit the home page$/

When /^I click on (.*?)$/

Then /^I should see (.*?)$/

I'd like to use the only common word:

Step /^I visit the home page$/

Step /^I click on (.*?)$/

Step /^I should see (.*?)$/
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Interesting question - I don't have an answer just yet but I'm curious as to why you'd prefer this? –  Jon M Aug 15 '12 at 18:55

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At Gherkin level you can use * like:

* I have $50 in my account

At step definition layer there is no special word. But Cucumber doesn't look into keyword name when matching steps with step defintions. So you you can do:

Then /^I do some test$/

will match:

Given I do some test

But I'm curious why you need this.

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