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All of a sudden I cannot get synonyms for tables working in BigQuery, so a query like the following works fine:

select id as id, value as value
from pos_dw_api.test

But a query like the following fails:

select as id, a.value as value
from pos_dw_api.test a

The error returned is the following. I have run this from the web console:

Query Failed
Error: Unknown field:

Synonyms were working just fine last week ... The example table I'm using for this select is 387047224813.pos_dw_api.test.

Has the syntax for synonyms changed? Is this a bug?

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Table synonyms generally only work when you're doing a JOIN. I don't know of anything that would have caused this to change. I realize that this is kind of strange, and I've filed an internal bug to fix it.

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Thanks Jordan, that makes sense. The issue actually came up while doing a multiple JOIN query via the the inner sub-selects approach, where I had the inner-most query with synonyms, removing the synonyms from that inner-most query works fine. – Juan Cervera Aug 15 '12 at 16:54

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