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Does Ruby have atomic variables, like AtomicInteger or AtomicBoolean in Java?

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Here is a gem that might provide what you need (found linked from here). The code is clean and compact enough to quickly understand (it is basically a Mutex, as everyone else has suggested), which should give you a good starting point if you want to write your own Mutex wrapper.

A lightly modified example from github:

require 'atomic'

my_atomic ='')

# set method 1:
my_atomic.update { |v| v + 'hello' }

# set method 2:
  my_atomic.try_update { |v| v + 'world' }
rescue Atomic::ConcurrentUpdateError => cue
  # deal with it (retry, propagate, etc)

# access with:
puts my_atomic.value
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It should be noted that implementing atomic types in terms of mutexes defeats the purpose of using the 'atomic' abstraction.

Proper atomic implementations emit code that leverages CPU's compare-and-swap instruction.

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I don't think that Ruby has one. However, there is a Mutex you can use to imitate one.

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Not natively, but you can get some atomicity using the Mutex class.

You could probably implement your own AtomicString, for example, using a Mutex.

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