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I wonder if it's possible for a custom Control, using mechanisms like a TypeConverter, to generate additional code when designer is populating its properties. Consider a possible pre-processor object like:

public class Expander;

It has implicit type conversion to convert a string to Expander and vice versa. When I set the Text property of my custom Control using designer, I'd like an Expander instance to be created from the data I typed in and then I'd like that Expander instance to be assigned to the property; that is, when I'd like designer to generate the following code:

Expander customControlExpander1 = "data I typed in during design mode";
// or: Expander customControlExpander1 = new Expander("data I typed in during design mode");
this.customControl.Text = customControlExpander1;
// or: this.customControl.Text = customControlExpander1.ToString();

I know that it is, in part possible if my custom Control has an Expander as a property (because designer must create a new Expander to perform the assignment anyway); however, barring that case, is this possible at all?

Thank you for reading my post.

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