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while searching for a bug in a project i found many page.xml files, where the 'view-id' was showing to totally wrong pathes (old structure), or some had no view-id at all!

As far as i understood Seam it works like this:
i call in the browser.the pages/index.xhtml
then Seam looks if there is a page.xml with a view-id pointing to pages/index.xhtml

what happens, if in the page.xml are some navigation-rules and actions, but the view-id points to pages/foo/index.xhtml

And what happens to page.xml, where is no view-id at all?

The navigation rules, and the actions should never be called, because it is not connected via the view-id, right?

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ok, i found out, that the view-id has nothing to do, it's still called the actions and the navigation, whatever the view-id is showing to. for what is the view-id then needed? – Joerg Aug 16 '12 at 14:37

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