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Alright, have to be missing something here.

My SQL works fine:

SELECT t1.id, t1.material, t2.id, t2.material, t3.id, t3.material, t4.id, t4.material
FROM ml_levels t1 

LEFT JOIN ml_levels t2 
ON t1.parentID = t2.id

LEFT JOIN ml_levels t3
ON t2.parentID = t3.id

LEFT JOIN ml_levels t4
ON t3.parentID = t4.id

WHERE t1.id = 286

This returns

id   |  material  | id  |  material         |  id  |  material            | id |  material
286  |  4Layer    | 209 |  Protective Film  |  60  |  Specialty Products  | 1  |  Protect 

However, my ActiveRecord is only returning t4.id and t4.material:

    $this->db->select('t1.id, t1.material, t2.id, t2.material, t3.id, t3.material, t4.id, t4.material');
    $this->db->from('ml_levels AS t1')->where('t1.id',286);
    $this->db->join('ml_levels AS t2','t1.parentID = t2.id','left');
    $this->db->join('ml_levels AS t3','t2.parentID = t3.id','left');
    $this->db->join('ml_levels AS t4','t3.parentID = t4.id','left');

    return $this->db->get()->row();

this returns:

id   |  material  |
1    |  Protect   |

$this->db->last_query() returns:

SELECT `t1`.`id`, `t1`.`material`, `t2`.`id`, `t2`.`material`, `t3`.`id`, `t3`.`material`, `t4`.`id`, `t4`.`material` 
FROM (`ml_levels` AS t1) 
LEFT JOIN `ml_levels` AS t2 ON `t1`.`parentID` = `t2`.`id` 
LEFT JOIN `ml_levels` AS t3 ON `t2`.`parentID` = `t3`.`id` 
LEFT JOIN `ml_levels` AS t4 ON `t3`.`parentID` = `t4`.`id` 
WHERE `t1`.`id` = 286 

And if I run this SQL on the database, it returns exactly what the original query returned.

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What have you tried? –  orourkek Aug 15 '12 at 16:51
Please run echo $this->db->last_query(); after the query and post the output here. –  Yan Berk Aug 15 '12 at 17:23
@NickBrown Please edit your answer with this output. Its not readable in the comments section. –  Yan Berk Aug 15 '12 at 17:37
@orourkek I've tried running the statement on several different records to make sure that it isn't that particular record, and I've also pored over the CI ActiveRecord self and left join documentation to make sure my syntax is correct. –  Nick Brown Aug 15 '12 at 17:38
@NickBrown you have t1.material and t2.material, just put an alias in t2.material with some other name, maybe this is messing up your result. –  Sérgio Michels Aug 15 '12 at 21:36

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Codeigniter return only field name without table label so that you found only two fields because there are only id and material. Change line:

 $this->db->select('t1.id, t1.material, t2.id, t2.material, t3.id, t3.material, t4.id, t4.material'); 


 $this->db->select('t1.id AS t1id, t1.material AS t1material, t2.id AS t2id, t2.material AS t2material, t3.id AS t3id, t3.material AS t3material, t4.id AS t4id, t4.material AS t4material'); 
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Perfect, thank you! –  Nick Brown Aug 15 '12 at 21:49

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