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What are good ways to learn Android testing? I'm interested in learning Android testing, I don't actually do TDD but write the tests and code together.

I read all the information at http://developer.android.com/tools/testing/index.html and the 'Android Application Testing Guide' book and understand the basic concepts but there is almost no information or examples out there that I can find.

the book and examples are very basic and showing how to test a pretty simple activity with 2 EditText boxes,

I need to test more complicated stuff such as IntentService, AsyncTask, ResultReceiver, etc.. I'm interested in building my apps in a TDD or almost TDD way.

is there any way I can learn those things (books, blogs, examples, ...) or Android testing is something very uncommon ?

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Take a look at this recent book: leanpub.com/ResponsibleDesignAndroid-Part1. –  Ray Tayek Mar 25 '13 at 20:50

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You can write JUnit tests for Unit testing. If you want to test the UI, I'd recommend using a framework like Robotium they have lots of examples on their website, and it makes automated UI testing very easy.

I'm not sure about more advanced techniques, but a tool like Robotium coupled with some good unit tests will give you a good start.

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