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i want to perform facial recognition by using the Principal Component Analysis algorithm. I want to implement the algorithm in python or java myself however i am unsure where to start. Would appreciate some code samples/tutorials/references to get me started.

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Since you mention PCA, you may also want to possibly post/check here: –  Levon Aug 15 '12 at 16:25

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you can start by reading the original paper about the EigenFaces method (PCA-based face recognition):

"Eigenfaces for Recognition":

Also, if you want to find some code samples, OpenCV implemented in of the latest versions, a face recognizer that is also based on EigenFaces:

Please notice that are python bindings for the OpenCV and that also a Java version of OpenCV called JavaCV.

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if you would like to write your own PCA code, I suggest you look at the Wikipedia Article for a starting point.

If you are looking for PCA code, try using the one on Numpy.

For general PCA advice: typically, one would turn the 2D image-array into a 1-D byte array (by stacking). If you do this for each of your n training images and assuming each one is p pixels when flattened, then you have your n x p training set for PCA! (Note: there are a number of tricks with PCA, such as taking zero-meaning the data etc ...)

Also, there is an extensive literature that suggests Non-negative Matrix Factorization is better for facial recognition

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here is a simple tutorial using python:

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