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Using SocialAuth: v2.3 via Railo CFML Engine, I am getting the following exception thrown:

Railo Error (org.brickred.socialauth.exception.SocialAuthException)
Message     facebook is not a provider or valid OpenId URL
Cause   org.brickred.socialauth.exception.SocialAuthException
Stacktrace  The Error Occurred in
/Users/rountrjf/Sites/ccpd-dev/controllers/socialauth.cfc: line 31

    29: manager.setSocialAuthConfig(config);
    30: successUrl = "http://dev.ccpd.uc.edu/socialauth/success";
    31: providerUrl = manager.getAuthenticationUrl("facebook", successUrl);

Here is a snippet of my CFC code:

public string function login() {
    id = params.key;
    configFile = expandPath("/SocialAuth/oauth_config.properties");
    inputFile = createObject("java","java.io.File").init(configFile);
    inputStream = createObject("java", "java.io.FileInputStream").init(inputFile);

    SocialAuthConfig = createObject("java","org.brickred.socialauth.SocialAuthConfig").init();
    config = SocialAuthConfig.getDefault();

    SocialAuthManager = createObject("java","org.brickred.socialauth.SocialAuthManager").init();
    manager = SocialAuthManager;
    successUrl = "http://dev.ccpd.uc.edu/socialauth/success";
    providerUrl = manager.getAuthenticationUrl("facebook", successUrl);

Why is it throwing this error? The "configFile" has a property for "facebook" and it configured as shown in step 3 of the "Getting Started" guide.


www.google.com.consumer_key = opensource.brickred.com
www.google.com.consumer_secret = YC06FqhmCLWvtBg/O4W/aJfj
#you can set custom permission by using custom_permissions with provider prefix.
#www.google.com.custom_permissions = http://www.google.com/m8/feeds/,http://picasaweb.google.com/data/

api.login.yahoo.com.consumer_key = dj0yJmk9VTdaSUVTU3RrWlRzJmQ9WVdrOWNtSjZNMFpITm1VbWNHbzlNQS0tJnM9Y29uc3VtZXJzZWNyZXQmeD1iMA--
api.login.yahoo.com.consumer_secret = 1db3d0b897dac60e151aa9e2499fcb2a6b474546

twitter.com.consumer_key = E3hm7J9IQbWLijpiQG7W8Q
twitter.com.consumer_secret = SGKNuXyybt0iDdgsuzVbFHOaemV7V6pr0wKwbaT2MH0

graph.facebook.com.consumer_key =       152190004803645
graph.facebook.com.consumer_secret = 64c94bd02180b0ade85889b44b2ba7c4
#you can set custom permission by using custom_permissions with provider prefix.
#graph.facebook.com.custom_permission = publish_stream,email,user_birthday,user_location,offline_access

consent.live.com.consumer_key = 000000004403D60E
consent.live.com.consumer_secret = cYqlii67pTvgPD4pdB7NUVC7L4MIHCcs

api.screenname.aol.com.consumer_key = ab1QxoYXlT-x-ARL
api.screenname.aol.com.consumer_secret = 000

api.linkedin.com.consumer_key = 9-mmqg28fpMocVuAg87exH-RXKs70yms52GSFIqkZN25S3m96kdPGBbuSxdSBIyL
api.linkedin.com.consumer_secret = e6NBqhDYE1fX17RwYGW5vMp25Cvh7Sbw9t-zMYTIW_T5LytY5OwJ12snh_YftgE4

api.myspace.com.consumer_key = 29db395f5ee8426bb90b1db65c91c956
api.myspace.com.consumer_secret = 0fdccc829c474e42867e16b68cda37a4c4b7b08eda574fe6a959943e3e9be709




login.salesforce.com.consumer_key = 3MVG9Y6d_Btp4xp4yFMR0tPSndkAVu4OBejuYcL2iGFC68tA49PknWKX20XdPl5s1iwWldyuAbSINWHbB2Jcu
login.salesforce.com.consumer_secret = 1993703471433041656
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I don't know anything about SocialAuth, but the error message "facebook is not a provider or valid OpenId URL" seems to be pretty explicit, so what's your question? –  Peter Boughton Aug 15 '12 at 17:22
Okay, sorry about that - I added my question at the bottom. –  Joshua Rountree Aug 15 '12 at 19:02
It "should be" configured as the guide shows, or it is configured as the guide shows? What happens if you specify the relevant URL instead? –  Peter Boughton Aug 15 '12 at 19:28
Well, the guide is for general Java usage but I'm using ColdFusion so the code isn't 1:1... Please see: code.google.com/p/socialauth/wiki/… –  Joshua Rountree Aug 15 '12 at 19:38
So what do you have for the #facebook section of your file? Include the #facebook header and redact the key values so we don't see them :). –  Dan Short Aug 15 '12 at 19:50

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I would suggest using Constants.FACEBOOK which is actually "facebook" but in case it isn't it has a value that should work.

A possible reason that the error appears is that you are not using the correct input file.

Make sure that the configuration config is loaded correctly, try to call config.getProviderConfig(Constants.FACEBOOK) and see if it returns null

Lastly you can try this. This is what I used and works.

SocialAuthConfig config = new SocialAuthConfig();
SocialAuthManager socialAuthManager = new SocialAuthManager();


I don't really know Railo CFML Engine and what it does so I can't help. Maybe remove .getDefault() from config = SocialAuthConfig.getDefault();?

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Your answer is acceptable. Thank you. –  Joshua Rountree Apr 1 '13 at 12:24
Did you solve the problem? I edited the answer a bit to make it clearer. Thank you for the acceptance –  kon psych Apr 1 '13 at 13:24

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