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I have an ActiveX ListControl on my web page whose double-click event no longer works after a recent windows update. The update only affects Internet Explorer on Windows 7 (another user with Vista is fine, everyone else with 7 sees the same behavior). I had a double-click event wired up to my control like so:

<script for="ListControl" event="DblClick" language="JavaScript">
    // interpret double-clicks as an "edit" request:

I've also tried this to no avail:

function ListControl::DblClick()

The site is not being blocked by the pop-up blocker and I've added it to my list of trusted sites.

I suspect that one of the recent security updates is to blame. Has anyone else experienced this or found a workaround?

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Of course it's a problem with Microsoft update (as if they will ever admit it!) I have a company wide VB application in which I experienced the same issue; double-clicks in ActiveX controls do not fire the referenced procedures. This happened this morning on all machines set to auto-update. After performing system restores to the point before the updates the double-clicks perform as expected.

I am going to try some of the solutions offered here

Easy solution is to do a System Restore but this leaves you vulnerable without the updated Security releases.

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Thanks to the link offered by user1601402, I found that this command resolves the issue:

regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\mscomctl.ocx

This is a temporary workaround in my opinion. If a better solution comes along I will mark it as accepted.

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