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Hi guys I have my code here on how did I make nested select, now my problem is I want to delete some files on my nested select but I don't know how..

SELECT title, 
FROM   ((SELECT doc_title    AS title, 
                doc_filename AS filename, 
                doc_jono     AS jono, 
                doc_client   AS client, 
                doc_date     AS dt, 
         FROM   tbl_doc) 
        (SELECT wbok_title    AS title, 
                wbok_filename AS filename, 
                wbok_jono     AS jono, 
                wbok_client   AS client, 
                wbok_date     AS dt, 
                wbok_remarks  AS remarks 
         FROM   tbl_wbok) 
        (SELECT cad_title    AS title, 
                cad_filename AS filename, 
                cad_jono     AS jono, 
                cad_client   AS client, 
                cad_date     AS dt, 
                cad_remarks  AS remarks 
         FROM   tbl_cad) 
        (SELECT oth_title    AS title, 
                oth_filename AS filename, 
                oth_jono     AS jono, 
                oth_client   AS client, 
                oth_date     AS dt, 
                oth_remarks  AS remarks 
         FROM   tbl_oth)) AS t1 
ORDER  BY title 
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You can't do it from this SELECT, because it contains UNIONs; you'll have to do your DELETE for each table individually.

As an aside, your four tables should be a single table instead. Include a CATEGORY field containing DOC, WBOK, CAD, or OTHER; so that you can distinguish between your four data sets. Doing this will greatly simplify your overall logic.

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how can i create a category? – Andrew Aug 15 '12 at 17:36
Add a new field to your table. Give it the name "Category." – Robert Harvey Aug 15 '12 at 17:55

The general form of this is

DELETE FROM table tbl
    WHERE = (SELECT id FROM [ your query here] )

If you have a table


then this would be

DELETE FROM table tbl
    WHERE = (SELECT id FROM table ... JOIN ..  WHERE X=y etc.. )

If your case, if you want to delete things in the UNION, you have to do them one-by-one, because you can only delete from one table at a time.

The data structure is the same on all of your tables. Robert Harvey is suggesting you create a single table with an additional column called 'CATEGORY' that encodes what table the data used to be in. This is a good idea in general, and it will make your deletion much easier

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mysql doesn't accept your query – Andrew Aug 15 '12 at 17:42
My query isn't a real query, it's a general form. See my edits – dfb Aug 15 '12 at 18:11

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