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Does anybody know how to place dijit.form.Select dropdown in some div but not at the bottom of body as dijit does? I have replaced select element inside a dijit.Dialog - the select is ok, but it has no options. All options are at the bottom of body, behind dialog's underlay. tried MySelect.dropDown.placeAt() - it has strange affect, it places some empty div with scrollbar but values are anyway on the same place and I'm unable to access their div - it's unable to use MySelect.dropDown.parentWidget because it points to MySelect.

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Also I found that I won't be able to place dropdown inside a dialog anyway because I have there are lots of divs which require overflow:hidden. So leaving dropdown inside body is normal for me - I can set position:absolute at least and play with it. But how to get it out of dialog's underlay? z-index is not working. –  Alexander Konotop Aug 15 '12 at 19:09
Oh, I'm sorry, z-index is working, it's ok. But anyway the question about moving dropdown container into another place in dom is open. –  Alexander Konotop Aug 15 '12 at 19:17

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You can access it via the 'dropDown' property of your widget.

var node = dijit.byId('myselect').dropDown.domNode

This will give you the first child of the global menu-popup-container. There is one only, since the layout of menus in dijit is made so, that only one should be present at same time.


   node.className == "dijitSelectMenu" 
&& node.parentNode.className == "dijitPopup dijitMenuPopup"

The one with a z-index, is the dijitPopup (which is global and changing style here would change for any other select box and perhaps even tooltip you use as well)

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