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I'm using Telerik's MVC grid, and I would like to submit batch edit mode changes with some out of grid values. According to this telerik forum I can call the grid's submitChanges function and supply non-grid values inside the OnSubmitChanges event. This function only gets called if the grid has changes. There can be a case when values are changed outside of the grid but grid values are not saved. Is it possible to force the submission so that non-grid values can be submitted?

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Good thing Telerik MVC Extensions are open source. I figured out the answer the following way:

function SaveCriteriaChanges() {
    var grid = $("#MyGridId").data("tGrid");

    //don't submit if grid fails validation
    if (!grid.validate())
        return false;

    if (grid.hasChanges()) {
    } else { //no grid changes to process so force submission
        var additionalValues = {};
        if(!$.telerik.trigger(grid.element, 'submitChanges', { values: additionalValues })) {
            grid.sendValues($.extend({}, additionalValues), 'updateUrl', 'submitChanges');

    return true;
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