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I'm trying to do update_attributes with Mongoid in a Rails 3 application

The problem I'm running into is this:

Let's say my collection has the following fields:

{"Name" : "foo", "email" : "bar" }

Here's the scenario

if I do this:

@person = Person.where(:Name => "foo", :_id = "some_id")

and then I do this:

@person.update_attributes(:Name => "baba-fooka", :Last_Name => "baba-bara")

The line of code above updates the record in mongodb, but also adds a new field to the document.

How can I use the update_attributes method with a validation which doesn't allow inserting fields which don't already exist

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It sounds like what you want is allow_dynamic_fields set to false in the mongoid config file. Dynamic fields is on by default which allows attributes to get set and persisted on the document even if a field was not defined for them.

Go into config/mongoid.yml under options set allow_dynamic_fields: false. It should already be there but commented out and set to true. Make sure it says false.

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thanks. this is exactly what I was trying to do. and allow_dynamic_fields: false worked. It seems by default its set to true. –  qwexar Aug 18 '12 at 19:57

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