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I'm trying to figure out how I go about automating this process using a script.

I don't know what I'd use, or how to go about it. I'm looking to get pointed in the right direction.

In git :

git commit -am "my commit"
git pull origin my_branch
git push origin my_branch
git archive --format zip --output /c/git/(environment)_(date)_(commithash).zip my_branch
scp (environment)_(date)_(hash).zip root@

In apache : ( usually i putty in... )

cd /var/www/html-(domain)/(environment)
unzip ../(environment)_(date)_(commithash).zip
cd ..
cp -pr (environment) (environment)_(date)_(commithash)

To explain whats going on, I am pushing my latest commit, SCPing to apache server docroot, deploying, and making backup with commit hash.

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You don't want sh, you want make. –  Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Aug 15 '12 at 18:09
Look into Expect, which can easily automate repetitive tasks for you. –  twmb Aug 15 '12 at 21:40

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You can either use a shell script as you plan to -- just save the commands you want to run (one per line) in a file, add #!/bin/bash at the top, make it executable with chmod +x myscript.sh (the .sh file extension is not required) and then run it with ./myscript.sh.

You may find it easier to use scaffolding that specifically assists with deployment. A nice-looking one of these systems (that I have yet to try) that uses shell scripts is deliver.

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You can create the Windows equivalent, a Powershell script. I found an example for deployment using Powershell, but your mileage may vary. –  supervacuo Aug 15 '12 at 18:23

You are taking the first step toward Continuous Integration.

I use Jenkins which I set up to do:

  • git pull origin master
  • run unit tests
  • deploy code
  • run db deployments
  • update ticket system with success/fail

There are lots of extensions and tools as well, works with any language, etc.

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