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I have nested arrays that do not have keys. I want to add keys in a particular order. What is a clean way to do this?

Start with this array. It is only indexed by position.

[0] => (
    [0] => Tyler
    [1] => Durden
    [2] => 05/07/1985
[1] => (
    [0] => Edward
    [1] => Norton
    [2] => 03/21/1988

Now apply these keys in order:

['first_name'] =>
['last_name'] =>
['birthday'] =>

Final array:

[0] => (
   ['first_name'] => Tyler
   ['last_name'] => Durden
   ['birthday'] => 05/071985
[1] => (
    ['first_name'] => Edward
    ['last_name'] => Norton
    ['birthday'] => 03/21/1988

Bonus upvotes if your code allows for any key structure, instead of being hard-coded!

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I tried it myself using a bunch of nested foreach loops. It was super inefficient and clear that a more elegant method must exist. I did ATTEMPT it myself, thanks. I also went through all the PHP functions but didn't realize that array_combine could work in this context. – Donny P Aug 15 '12 at 19:08
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I think array_combine will do the trick:

foreach ($bigarray as &$x) {
  $x = array_combine(array('first_name','last_name','birthday'),$x);
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What is the ampersand in ($bigarray as &$x) for? – Donny P Aug 15 '12 at 18:39
The ampersand lets us loop through the array by reference so that we can change the array values as we go. – awm Aug 15 '12 at 18:41

Also the classic algorythm:

foreach ( $array as $key=>$value ) {
   $array[$key]['first_name'] = $array[$key][0];
   $array[$key]['last_name'] = $array[$key][1];
   $array[$key]['birthday'] = $array[$key][2];
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