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Ruby, Rails 3, newbie

I am extending a working Rails application (displays movies) for a class assignment, so the basic plumbing works OK.

I added an entry to routes.rb -

match "/movies/directed_by/:director" => "movies#directed_by"

my rake routes then has an entry

/movies/directed_by/:director(.:format) {:controller=>"movies", :action=>"directed_by"}

notice there is no "path", nor HTTP method (e.g. GET) specified

For the other (Rails Model auto-generated) routes, paths and verbs are specified.

I have a controller method

def directed_by

  # some code


I have a View file ../app/Views/show.html.haml where I added

= link_to 'Find Movies With Same Director', directed_by(@movie.director)

which throws a runtime error -

NoMethodError in Movies#show

Showing /home/saasbook/hw3/hw3_rottenpotatoes_rjf/app/views/movies/show.html.haml where line #22 raised:

undefined method `directed_by' for #<#<Class:0xc564594>:0xc532198>

So my question is, now do I tweak my routes.rb and/or view haml to get everything tied together?

All hints welcomed.

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In routes:

match "/movies/directed_by/:director" => "movies#directed_by", :as => :movie_direct_by

Then in your view:

= link_to 'Find Movies With Same Director', movie_direct_by_path(@movie.director)
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Aha! I tried "match "/movies/directed_by/:director" => "movies#directed_by", :as => foo" without success, but now I know I needed the colon as well ":foo". Thanks. – Rich Aug 15 '12 at 19:28

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