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How can I create a generic function in C# (LINQ-to-SQL) or SQL that takes two tables with matching structure and counts how many rows in TableA that are in TableB.

TableA Structure
Value1, Value2

TableA Data

TableB Structure
Value1, Value2

TableB Data

To get count of matching rows between TableA and TableB:

TableA.Value1 = TableB.Value1 AND
TableA.Value2 = TableB.Value2

The result in this example


So the query above works great, but I don't want to have to write a version of it for every pair of tables I want to do this for since the INNER JOIN is on every field. I feel like there should be a more generic way to do this instead having to manually type out all of the join conditions. Thoughts?

Edit: Actually, I think I'll need a C#/LINQ answer since this will be done across servers. Again, this is annoying because I have to write the code to compare each field manually.

var tableARows = dbA.TableA.ToList();
var tableBRows = dbB.TableB.ToList();
var match = 0;
foreach(tableARow in tableARows){
    if(tableBRows.Where(a=>a.Value1 = tableARow.Value1 && a.Value2 = tableARow.Value2).Any()){

return match;
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"this will be done across servers" Then it's not really a sql/linq question... you'll have to load the table data and compare the rows locally. – David B Aug 15 '12 at 19:23

using sql server this will work

 var sql="select count(0) from(
    select * from product except select * from product1
    ) as aa";

dc = dtataContext

var match= dc.ExecuteStoreQuery<int>(sql);
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+1 Much better for SQL 2005+ – podiluska Aug 15 '12 at 19:08

You could generate the join using syscolumns.

declare @tablenameA varchar(50) = 'tableA'
declare @tablenameB varchar(50) = 'tableB'

declare @sql nvarchar(4000)
select @sql =''
select @sql = @sql + ' and ' + quotename(@tablenameA )+ '.' 
       + c.name +' = ' + quotename(@tablenameB )+ '.' + c.name
from syscolumns c 
    inner join sysobjects o on c.id = o.id
where o.name = @tablenameA

select @sql = 'select count(*) from ' + @tablenameA + ' inner join '+@tablenameB+' on '
     + substring (@sql, 5, len(@sql))

exec sp_executesql @sql
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You query the ANSI INFORMATION_SCHEMA views, thus:

select *
where col.TABLE_SCHEMA = <your-schema-name-here>
  and col.TABLE_NAME   = <your-table-name-here>

against each of the tables involved. The result set will provide everything needed for your to construct the required query on the fly.

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One fairly simple answer:

select ( select count(*) from 
              (select * from TableA UNION ALL select * from TableB) a ) - 
       ( select count(*) from 
              (select * from TableA UNION select * from TableB) d ) duplicates
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