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I want to test ASP.NET applications to get the feel for the MVC extension and compare that to what I can do today with Grails or Rails. The trouble is that being in a corporate environment, I can't install IIS on my workstation, neither on my DEV server. And - you guessed it - Visual Studio is not to be considered at that moment (I guess for my investigations I'll stick with SharpDevelop and the .NET SDK for the time being).

On the Java side, I could unzip some Tomcat distribution in any folder and hit go.
Is there any equivalent in the IIS world, like a lightweight ASP.NET host?


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UltiDev Cassini Web Server

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You will have problems installing the VS package if you're behind a firewall blocking the MSI downloads (the VS package installation will actually download the cassini web server and web server explorer). You can download them manually. See here: ultidev.com/Forums/default.aspx?g=posts&t=239 –  Rollo Tomazzi Sep 23 '08 at 8:49

cassini runs locally. I'll get a link..

Edit: Here's the link to the Cassini Web Server

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UltiDev recently started shipping test builds of the Cassini replacement - UltiDev Web Server Pro. It requires elevated/admin privileges to be installed, but it can be downloaded for free. It's quite advanced, it's closer to IIS than Cassini. See screenshots.

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