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I am running into some issues trying to install a software called MEAD . I would appreciate if someone could have alook .

I get the following error while installing

/mead/bin # ./ GA3

Using system rc-file: /home/karosh/mead/bin/../.meadrc

Warning: Can't find user rc-file Cluster: /home/karosh/mead/bin/../data/GA3/GA3.cluster

open2: exec of /home/karosh/mead/bin/ failed at ./ line 230

THe mead software is not written by me so I have not changed any of the perl scrips . I line 230 in the file is

sub run_mead {

    my %options = @_;

    my $reader = FileHandle->new();
    my $writer = FileHandle->new();

    unless ( open2($reader, $writer, "$FindBin::Bin/") ) {
        die "Unable to run MEAD.\n";


Does this error mean that open2 was not found . The mead folks have put the following line in the file:

use strict;

use File::Spec;

use FileHandle; 

use IPC::Open2;

Or does it mean that i need to install the rpm that contains the API . I see that this API is a part of the core perl bundle So why was it not installed ? Do i need to install perl again .

Someone has earlier faced this problem - but the solution is not working for me . I find no Perl files with the incorrect perl directives . The mead team has been dissolved and there is no one to ask questions but I need to use this software.

I think if some one can explain me the meaning of the error than I can do deeper. Anyone?

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It probably means that .../ doesn't have execute permission. Change the file permissions or call it like

open2($reader, $writer, "perl $FindBin::Bin/")
open2($reader, $writer, "$^X $FindBin::Bin/")
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thanks @mob . it was indeed the permission problem . Thanks aton ! –  rockstar Aug 15 '12 at 19:20

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