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There are SBT TaskKeys that uses storeAs and triggeredBy routines.

There are 3 parts:

A storeAs B triggeredBy C

I suspect that it is like

store findManifestPath to manifestPackageName when manifestPath task complete

But why we couldn't write manifestPackageName <<= findManifestPath ?

Few samples

manifestPackageName <<= findManifestPath storeAs manifestPackageName triggeredBy manifestPath


multiJvmTestNames <<= multiJvmTests map { _.keys.toSeq } storeAs multiJvmTestNames triggeredBy compile


discoveredMainClasses <<= compile map discoverMainClasses storeAs discoveredMainClasses triggeredBy compile


definedTestNames <<= definedTests map ( _.map(_.name).distinct) storeAs definedTestNames triggeredBy compile
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storeAs is really only intended as an internal API at this time, but it persists the result of evaluating a task so that it can be retrieved later. The examples above, for example, are used by parsers for tab completion. You can't evaluate tasks during parsing, so this is the approach taken.

triggeredBy is a way to schedule a command to run even if it isn't a dependency of anything. It is mainly for executing side effects when another task runs. In the case definedTestNames, this ensures that the names are persisted whenever test:compile runs.

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