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I'm currently working in a bilingual application in CodeIgniter and I need to manage special characters like colon (:).

In french, it's " : " (with spaces before and after) and in english, it's ":" (no spaces).

I thought about doing a label for the colon, like:

$lang['common.colon_separator'] = ' : ';

But in my view, it would be long to write something like this :


everytime that I need a colon.

I already thought about a helper or maybe using the inflector helper.

Is there anything else that I can do to manage this ?


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I load language file with $this->lang->load($file,$lang); and recall label <?=$this->lang->line('common.colon_separator') ?>, but when special characters are different. Inflector helper is a good solution, and you could load a configuration file to create a general function. – Alessandra Bilardi Aug 15 '12 at 21:28

I would write a helper function for this, wrapping the lang() function to make the function name shorter. Add this to for example application/helpers/my_language_helper.php

function l($key, $element_id = null) {
    return = lang($key, $element_id);

Then make sure you autoload it and the original language helper in application/config/autoload.php (or manually load them in your controller).

$autoload['helper'] = array('language', 'my_language');

Add these to your language file.

$lang[':'] = ' : ';
$lang['common.image'] = 'Some image string';

Then all you need is <?=l('common.image').l(':')?>.

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