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I'm having trouble using neo4j as my backing database to a RailwayJS starter project. I updated the database.json file to point my local neo4j instance but it seems to just hang when I call any route with data access.

Here's what's in my database.json file

  { "driver":   "neo4j" , "url":     "http://localhost:7474/"}
, "test":
  { "driver":   "memory"

Does RailwayJS support neo4j? Is there something I need to configure it to work?

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Dunno about RailwayJS, but there is a driver for Node.js, see

Would love to see some blog or so when you get it working!

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thanks for the advice, will spend a bit more time trying to get jugglingdb working since that's what railway uses.. – MonkeyBonkey Aug 17 '12 at 19:37

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