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When I am in Clojure, I can use (re-pattern (java.util.regex.Pattern/quote foo)) to exactly match the pattern string with another string. How can I do a similar thing in ClojureScript?

Edit: I also found this - Replicate the functionality of Java's "Pattern.quote" in a JavaScript RegExp

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There is no built-in Clojure or Javascript function for this.

This clojure function should escape special regexp characters in a string:

(defn re-quote [s]
  (let [special (set ".?*+^$[]\\(){}|")
        escfn #(if (special %) (str \\ %) %)]
    (apply str (map escfn s))))

Disclaimer: I haven't tested this extensively so you may want to get a second opinion before using this code to sanitize potentially evil strings.

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Actually Pattern/quote encloses expression with \Q and \E. – Dominykas Mostauskis Apr 13 at 19:49

I should say first off that I use neither ClojureScript nor Javascript, but a quick search for ClojureScript regex support brought me to this page:, where under the "Other Functions" section, it says: "ClojureScript regular expression support is that of JavaScript", providing this link: That next link seems to provide you with what you would be looking for (as a person who doesn't use JavaScript, I am cautious to say for certain).

Ooh, and maybe the answer to this old question here: Converting user input string to regular expression will give you a more complete answer.

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