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According to this SO thread, on "normal" phone screens I should use a 320x480 background image for mdpi, 480x800 for hdpi and 640x960 for xhdpi.

However I am having some troubles to get the scale of my images right on the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus, all of which have a resolution of 800x1280 (720x1280 in the S3 and Nexus cases). Most of the time my 640px wide background will get stretched to 720 or 800, but other images won't (as I explained in this other SO thread).

One solution seemed to work: instead of using 640x960 images on the xhdpi folder use 800x1280, as that is the exact resolution of those devices, so pretty much no re-sizing is needed.

However this breaks the 4:6:8 ratio recommended by the Android Developer Guide to be maintained between the mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi.

My question: would it be OK to use my solution? Has anyone else tried this?

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"According to the Android Developer Guide, on "normal" phone screens I should use a 320x480 background image for mdpi, 480x800 for hdpi and 640x960 for xhdpi" -- the documentation does not say that, at least not on the page that you linked to. For example, "960" appears precisely twice on that page, once in the context of a dp value for -xlarge screens, once as a "representative resolution" for an -xhpi, -normal screen. The phrase "background image" appears once, referring to a 9-patch PNG for a button. –  CommonsWare Aug 15 '12 at 20:11
I concluded that by reading the stuff there, but I might be wrong. Anyway I changed my reference to another SO thread where a guy answers with those values. Do you know anything about using 640x960 or 800x1280 images on the xhdpi folder though? –  DanielS Aug 15 '12 at 20:19
Neither answer on that question cites those values. The only one that comes close cites density-independent pixels (dp), and your question is in units of pixels (px) based on your device resolutions. dp and px are only equivalent on -mdpi screens. You can use any image in any folder you want, but do not assume that -xhdpi means a certain resolution in pixels, because it is not. –  CommonsWare Aug 15 '12 at 20:28
OK I guess I need to read further to understand this topic. Thanks for your comments. –  DanielS Aug 15 '12 at 20:45

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