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I am looking for something similar as Queue type in Python in Groovy language.

In python Queues let to exchange information between threads and take care about all locking problems/challenges. So one thread can simply add a task to queue

while True:
    if self.task_ready():
        task = self.get_task()
        print 'Task %s added to queue' % (

and worker threads can:

while True:
    self.queue.get()  # this is read blocking action

is there a way to do it in such easy way in Groovy?

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You could use a Queue.

Java has LinkedBlockingQueue in its java.util.concurrent package which you can just use from Groovy. There's an article over here on JavaLobby that discusses these structures (obviously from a Java perspective, but you can use the all from Groovy)

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thanks, it is what I was looking for – mrok Aug 15 '12 at 21:40

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