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I installed XAMPP on windows 7, Apache was not running because Port 80 was not released. I changed it to 81 in “httpd” (C:\xampp\apache\conf) and now its working. Issue is that every time xampp control panel opens localhost:80/xampp and then I have to manually change it to localhost:81/xampp. Please guide me, where I have to make changing to make default Requested URL localhost:81/xampp ? I’m a beginner ok and didn't get help by random searching. Thanks

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right click on xampp icon in taskbar

click show/hide

click config in apache field select apache (httpd.conf)

edit lines

#Listen [::]:80
Listen 80

change "80" with port you want apache to use

save file, press 'start' apache

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I appreciate your kind concern, thanks for giving time. Actually I had done those changing in httpd.conf file #Listen #Listen [::]:81 Listen 81 ……………….. plus ServerName localhost:81 Problem is when I press “Admin” button in xampp CPanel it gives 404-Not found Error. Error detail shows Requested URL localhost:80/xampp And to get desired page I rewrite the URL “localhost:81” Question is, where should I make changing so that on clicking CPanel apache “Admin” button, localhost:81 browse ? – user1601576 Oct 4 '12 at 8:01

i believe this is in the xampp/index.php file for the menu links if you know php and html this should be easy enough to do. If you do not, go to http://w3schools.com to freshen up on html and php. hope this helps ;-)

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