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Hi i want to use this external link on my Joomla menu. But instead of insertnickhere i want to use the actual username of the logged in user. So when the link gets clicked by a user it assigns the username.

I tried to insert {$user->username} But it only carried over {$user->username}, so it didnt work.

Edit: I inserted this link as external link to my Joomla menu, so that every user can join this irc webchat with his username. This is a premade link from the quakenet irc webchat, where i changed the static nickname variable to {$user->username}, so that the username of the logged user is carried over to this link.

Any Idea or suggestion how I get this?

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please provide some more information about where you are trying that code. – Anand Aug 16 '12 at 6:01

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First get the user object:

<?php $user = & JFactory::getUser(); ?>

Then echo the username in the url:

<a href="<?php echo $user->username;?>&channels=test&uio=d4">link</a>
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