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In my application, there is a thread that is constantly receiving and writing data to a SQLite database inside a transaction, then committing the transaction when it's done.

At the same time, when the application runs a long running query, the write thread seems to get blocked and no data gets written. Each method uses the same connection object.

Is there way to do an equivalent of a SQL (nolock) query, or some other way to have my reads not lock up any of my tables?


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You have a concept error. SQLite works on this way:

The traditional File/Open operation does an sqlite3_open() and executes a BEGIN TRANSACTION to get exclusive access to the content. File/Save does a COMMIT followed by another BEGIN TRANSACTION. The use of transactions guarantees that updates to the application file are atomic, durable, isolated, and consistent.

So you can't work on this way, because is not really need of work that way. I think you must rethink the algorithm to work with SQLite. Thats the reason your connection is blocked.

More information:

When use it.


Using threads on SQLite: avoid them!

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