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I have a very simple batch script:

@echo off

if %1 == a goto AA
if %1 == b goto BB
goto end

echo a
goto end

echo b
goto end

echo on

If I call it with an argument test.bat a, I get what I expected, but if I call it without any arguments test.bat, I get goto was unexpected at this time. and the offending line is if %1 == a goto AA.


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this line if %1 == a goto AA will become if == a goto AA when there are no arguments.

if you use if .%1 == .a goto AA then the line becomes if . == .a goto AA with no arguments, and windows does not throw an error of having nothing between if and ==

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Enclose both the variable and the value in quotes in each comparison.

if "%1" == "a" goto AA
if "%1" == "b" goto BB
goto end
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