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Based on the use CCDirector makes of CCLabelAtlas, I tried the following:

scoreLabel = [[CCLabelAtlas alloc]  initWithString:@"0123456789" charMapFile:@"fps_images.png" itemWidth:8 itemHeight:12 startCharMap:'.'];
[scoreLabel setPosition:ccp(200, 200)];
[self addChild:scoreLabel];

I must be missing something as nothing displays. I'm using the basic .png that's supplied with Cocos2D.

What am I missing? Thanks!

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your code does work in my project with cocos2d 1.1. i increased the item width and height to 20 because it was cut off. did you try that? what cocos2d version do you have? –  JeanLuc Aug 15 '12 at 22:09
Hi, I'm using Cocos2D 2.0 - the bounding box shows like 80x12px which is good (10 characters wide) –  Jem Aug 16 '12 at 6:20

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