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Consider the following table (dates):


With what query can I return the first date in dates following any given date? Pseudo:

SELECT <<nextdate>> FROM dates WHERE _date = '2011-03-14'

This query would have to return 2011-03-15, since it is the first date in dates after 2011-03-15. But when querying the following:

SELECT <<nextdate>> FROM dates WHERE _date = '2011-03-16'

Then the query should return 2011-03-19, as it is the first date in dates after 2011-03-16.

Who can help me our here? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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  SELECT _date
    FROM dates
   WHERE _date > '2011-03-14'
ORDER BY _date
   LIMIT 1
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I would not have thought of that...so simple! I was already looking at MySQL date-functions...thank! –  Pr0no Aug 15 '12 at 23:24

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