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It's easy so declare a raw string

String raw = @'\"Hello\"';

But how can I convert a existing string to a raw string ?
This can come with file reading or ajax call : I want read the file as a raw string but the readAsText method give me a no raw string.
I tryied thing like :

String notRaw = '\"Hello\"';
String raw = @raw;

But not compiling. How can I do this?

EDIT : My need is to read the string char by char. So I don't want to read \" as one char " but as two chars \ and "

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If you want to read a file without interpreting escape characters, then you need to readAsBytes, which will give you a list of characters as integers. You can then detect a backslash and quote as:

final int backSlash = @'\'.charCodeAt(0); 
final int quote = @'"'.charCodeAt(0);

You then pass the desired substrings to a string constructor:

String goodString = new String.fromCharCodes(byteList.getRange(start, end));
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Indeed, I have read with charCode. Now it works ! Thanks. – Nicolas François Aug 16 '12 at 15:21

A raw string literal is still a string. The only difference is that it everything within a raw literal is accepted as-is, i.e. no escape sequences.

For example, in a plain (non-raw) string literal 'a\nb' represents letter 'a', newline, letter 'b'; in a raw string literal it represents letter 'a', backslash, letter 'n', letter 'b'.

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Yes, that's why I need a raw string. Indeed, I try to parse the string by reading char by char. So when reading \", instead of reading " I need read \ and ". – Nicolas François Aug 16 '12 at 6:39

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