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I'm trying to get a the app data for the applications currently available on Windows 8. I've used WireShark to monitor the network while accessing the store to no avail. I've managed to find the image data but can't seem to edit the link to obtain the app data webpage.

Here are the links for the app tile and screenshot for two different apps:

I'm looking for a webpage with the app data in XML format, similar to that of a Windows Phone 7 app:

Could anybody help me discover where the rest of the data is please?

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A preview version of the Windows Store is avialable, however you need to know the ID of the App because there is no way to search it.


You can get this ID without Wireshark, just use the Store App to browse to the App, then open the Charms (Win + C) and click on Share. Choose the Mail App and copy the link in the body of the draft.

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You can also use this link to get all the app links (I discovered): – user1567095 Sep 1 '12 at 17:34

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