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So i have a script which should run a series of other scripts, gather data from them and use that data.

My file structure looks like this:


Now dataFromICP at this point should simply loop through all the results and concatenate them to a struct called pointsAndTimeS:

resultsFiles = dir('result*');
pointsAndTimeS = struct('points', zeros(length(resultsFiles)), 'times', zeros(length(resultsFiles)));
count = 1;
for i = 1:length(resultsFiles)
     pointsAndTimesS.points(i) = numberOfPointsRead;
     pointsAndTimesS.times(i) = PoseEstimates(length(PoseEstimates)).timeElapsed;


Now it correctly iterates through the files, that is:

resultsFiles = 

3x1 struct array with fields:

where the names are result001.m through to result100.m

But i get the error from eval saying:

Undefined variable "result10" or class "result10.m".

Error in DataFromICP (line 7)

Does anyone know what's going on?

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What happens if you change eval to run? Does it work? – Yamaneko Aug 16 '12 at 1:30

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eval expects a string as input, so it's trying to evaluate the input you give it (which isn't a string) as a variable or the name of a script. To give it the value in resultsFiles(i).name, this should work:

eval(sprintf('%s', resultsFiles(i).name));
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