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I want to set a column RoleType in a column of a DataTable of GWT com.googlecode.gwt.charts.client to "certainty" but it seems there is no method to set it. There is only method to access it. How do I set it?

I try to write manual set method with JSNI but doesn't seem to work. dataTable.addColumn(ColumnType.BOOLEAN); dataTable.setColumnProperty(4, "Certainty", false);

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I simply extended DataTable and added this method:

public final native int addCertaintyColumn()/*-{
     return this.addColumn({type:'boolean',role:'certainty'});

Then, when adding data, set true or false on this column(s)

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Roles still seem to be "experimental" and I couldn't find an issue/ticket


Would be nice to have I agree.

I am not sure if you are able to override the native methods of DataTable to add: addColumn(type, role, param...) right now you just have type and no roles :(

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I think DataColumn.setRole() should be used, to specify the role explicitly:

DataColumn col = DataColumn.create(ColumnType.BOOLEAN);

However, also this does not work for me either. It gives me following error:

(Error) @com.googlecode.gwt.charts.client.DataTable::addColumn(Lcom/googlecode/gwt/charts/client/DataColumn;)([JavaScript object(110832)]): Invalid type: function() {
      var result = __static(dispId, this);
      if (result[0]) {
        throw result[1];
      } else {
        return result[1];
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I forgot to say that I use gwt-charts, the unofficial Google Chart Tools API for Google Web Toolkit. Google Visualization-api does not have this setRole operation. –  peternees Oct 18 '13 at 9:20

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