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I am working with the fscanf function to scan in a large string that is delimited by commas, with the last substring in the larger string separated by an asterisk (*). Here is an example:


I am able to parse the substrings separated by commas with no problem, but when it gets to the asterisk, it stalls the program, as fscanf is blocking. I am using the %[^...] format specifier in fscanf, shown below:

fscanf(fs, "%[^*,]%*c", str);

The code above is in a simple for loop that scans multiple times. As you can see, I am scanning until either an asterisk or a comma appears. However, I am afraid that I am not including the asterisk in the set properly. Can someone correct my mistake?


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The only characters that are special in a %[ pattern are ^, -, and ].

This pattern will fail if the next character to be read is either a ',' or a '*'. So if you have two consecutive commas or asterisks, then your loop will jam and stop reading.

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