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Is it possible to pass a function pointer as a template argument without using a typedef?

template<class PF>
class STC {
    PF old;
    PF& ptr;
    STC(PF pf, PF& p)
        : old(*p), ptr(p) 
        p = pf;
    ~STC() {
        ptr = old;

void foo() {}
void foo2() {}

int main() {
    void (*fp)() = foo;
    typedef void (*vfpv)();
    STC<vfpv> s(foo2, fp); // possible to write this line without using the typedef?
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That's not passing a function pointer as template argument though, it's passing the type of a function pointer. –  leftaroundabout Mar 27 '12 at 14:06

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STC<void (*)()> s(foo2, fp); // like this

It's the same as taking the typedef declaration and removing the typedef keyword and the name.

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It is totally possible, I'd also recommend looking up boost::function & boost::bind as an alternative solution.

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I you cannot use boost as Maciek suggested (e.g. you cannot use external libraries in your project) you might try to use a functor.

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